Elite rowing crew is a synonym for unity and synchronism of a team. Successful navigation in the right direction ispossible only through coordinated work of all the crew. Participants of teamsync programs will learn that working for the team objective, rather than their individual agendas, ultimately makes the job easier for everyone including themselves.

Rowing provides an illustrative way of combining factors that determine the success of sports teams or working groups - trust, dedication, leadership, selflessness, determination, honesty and commitment.


The TEAM SYNC concept combines sport with business.

The importance of mutual cooperation in a top sports environment is presented. We will row with you across the lake. Views on the development and operation of highly efficient teams are explained in conversational workshops with the help of pro sport experiences and case studies.

Dynamic programs encourage active learning. They require a motivated approach and sharing of experiences within the discussed topic or issue from the participants.


Selection processes and roles
The importance of values ​​and norms in a high performance environment
Development of performance cohesion in top teams
Setting individual and team goals
Individual and collective self-confidence
Shared leadership with rowing training experience


Team work

Bird's perspective view

Competition of two teams

Rowing in paradise

Final preparations

Training on simulators

GOAL: team synchronization!

IN SYNC is the degree of synchronicity when the crew catches a common pull and the boat runs smoothly

Understanding the needs and benefits of teamwork is based on experience. An important goal is a shift in the perception of being involved in a network of mutual obligations. We encourage participants to critically assess individual responsibility in continuously raising standards and bring closer the understanding of the emergence of strong cohesion to achieve their own and group goals.

The contents and method of implementation of TEAMSYNC programs are adjusted separately for each company or group. We usually make an appointment before the event.

  • accommodation & catering, additional activities & entertainment, transportation
  • half-day, whole-day or multi-day programmes
  • combining with other business events
  • plan B in case of bad weather
  • besides Bled, other locations are possible too
  • The program runs from March to November
  • No. participants: 6 - 50. We prepare a shared program for larger groups
  • Attention guaranteed. Phones and other electronic devices remain on land
  • Clear instructions, two experienced rowers in each eight-seat row boat, accompanied by motor boats
  • The programs are in Slovene and English



Lake Bled and surroundings


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Synchronization of your team takes place on Lake Bled,
where participants step on the path of many Olympians
and feel the pulse of creating champions.
The beautiful scenery of Lake Bled,
which is one of the most popular
and at the same time the most beautiful rowing venues in the world,
will inspire your group
and stimulate the work mood.